Artist Statement

Painting is a search for true self and true authenticity in a time governed by the very perils that the Existentialists prophesied decades ago.  We have become a homogenized society that fears the individual.  Art gives voice to the individual.  It becomes a revelation of one’s true individualistic self.

Painting is the essence of cathartic transcendence.  One transcends time, reality and the now.   Nothing takes precedent over the moment that is invested in the ritualistic practice of catharsis.  Manifesting and spilling itself on the canvas, it consumes without notice.  It takes you to the depths of repressed thought, memory and the unconscious; the raw expanse of human emotion.  The piece is the ultimate culmination of the ritualistic practice.
The finished piece symbolizes a marker in the artist’s journey as they navigate through the channels of the internal dynamics, guiding one’s life, whether willing or unwilling.  In a way, a painter assumes the role of the hero in the monomyth.  The overall body of work is representative of the painter’s journey with each piece, signifying a different chapter in that journey.
I believe that truly great art is participatory.   In all great abstract art, the maze of abstraction demands the focus of the spectator.  Within that labyrinth, a veiled imagery reveals itself.  What shapes the imagery are the experiences, feelings and memories that are solely unique the to spectator.  That allows for various readings of a single piece.