Stylistically, the hallmark of all my pieces is the heavy employment of rich bursts of dense gestural strokes.  I want to convey a sense of unchained, spatial movement and raw emotion that demands the spectator’s attention.  Avoiding a stasis of a diminutive static nature.  Violent brushstrokes that are rich in dark, bold lines lure the spectator initial attention.  The smaller details such as the impasto, soak and staining technique add a necessary depth and dimension.  I want my pieces to embody equal parts beauty and chaos.

Recipe of the influences:

The lyricism of Joan Mitchell & Jackson Pollock, as well as Pollock’s mysticism
Helen Frankenthaler’s lush pools of color
The gestural brushstrokes of Jasper Johns
Jean-Paul Riopelle’s tapestry of impasto
Graffiti infused flourishes of Jean-Michel Basquiat
The vibrant colors and childlike splendor of COBRA
Willem De Kooning’s cubist abstractions and distilled movement
Robert Rauschenberg’s yearning for experimentation
Yves Klein’s affinity with the vastness that is the color blue
The bold outlines of Grace Hartigan
Gerhard Richter’s rich manifested spectrum
Franz Kline’s blunt, mesmerizing stokes
The patterns and shapes of Paul Klee
Keith Haring’s tribal-scribe
Cy Twombly’s provoking Minimalism
The spiritual mother Lee Krasner